Student’s testimonials

“Claudia’s space became the secret school of nutritious moving. No judgments, no expectations, only a feast for body, mind, soul, and heart”.

“What I have appreciated a lot over your way of teaching is the emphasis on getting out our true self first, on genuinely enjoying moving with ourselves and the others”.

“I learned to appreciate a raw voice that had very little to do with the hermeticism and constraints I experienced during my old ballet lessons, had to do with the untold stories disclosed through movement”.

“We explore together so many things ( movements, feelings, senses) they have been a great source of inspiration to allow expression to arise”.

“The classes turned out to be one of the biggest help/ support after a very challenging year. It did give me the means to express myself, connect with my body and the people around me”.

“Reconnecting with movement using the floor, moving between levels and regaining a sense of transition. Realising that some fluidity remains in my body while other movement feels lost. Enjoying dance once again”.

“I re-connected with my dance, and with the dances of others. I met many old patterns and moved with them. I forgot who I was and created myself a new. I enjoyed. Enjoyed. Enjoyed. Sharing dance, space, movement, stories”

*talking directly to one of my student for detailed reference is possible. Contact me and I will arrange a short telephone talk