What to expect during a class..

The classes can be adaptable to the level and interests of the group.
All classes can be programmed for different groups abilities, dancers and non-dancers.

Contemporary dance technique*

Highly physical and energetic. The classes developed from a series of modern and contemporary dance techniques like release technique, floor work and traditional dance vocabulary. They are essential to understand better the mechanics of the body in movement.
Classes focus on awareness on the inner and outer space, change of dynamics and qualities of movements. Repetitions are used to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the session.

Improvisation and composition*


Very playful classes they stimulate participant’s creativity to listen to their own body and improving their sensorial awareness.
Movements are developed by exploration and improvisation tasks to guide students to develop their unique way of creating movement materials to use personal dance creation.
The main aim of the classes is to establish a creative or intimate conversation with the artistic self embedded in all of us.

Combination classes are offered on a 1 hour and 30 minutes session.

Nursery ballet classes*

The classes are based on a series of nursery ballet and creative movement exercises, with games that will help the child to enjoy their class. The aim is to educate and activate the process of gaining knowledge and basic skills towards the subject in a safe, caring, informal and positive environment.
Throughout classes the children will learn concepts related to movement, music and behaviours. These are the key skills for their coming years in school or in future academic dance training.
The children will learn about basic ballet positions, different rhythms, shapes and interact with each other enjoying the physical and social benefits of dance.
The main aim of the class is for children to have fun, to foster and develop them towards loving dance and music.