2017- “Passiones” choreographed in collaboration with DPFC dancers.


Synopsis: “where strong feelings of self affirmation will take us…”. 

 2017- “Zwart en Wit”
Choreographed in collaboration with students of DPFC Rotterdam.


Synopsis: “We all dance the same differences”. 

2016 – “Volé”
Dance research in collaboration with Hip-pop dancer David de Filippis sponsored by South West Young Choreographer UK, Pavillon Dance, Don’t walk Dance Rome.

A  marriage with nothing, juxtaposing feelings of care and attachment and how they can influence the background of being  a men and a woman”.


2015- “Remembrances”
Collaboration with dancer Brandon Clarke sponsored by Circomedia Bristol, Bath Spa University and Wessex Dance Academy.


Audience reaction: “Best piece I have seen outside of London an enchanting Noir Romance”

2015- “A Duet”
Video project (research) in collaboration with dancer Brandon Clarke, Hannah Ballard and Film Maker Dan Williams sponsored by Wessex Dance Academy and Pitch festival 2016.


Synopsis: “Remembering my youth and all my unconditional lovers”.

2014- ” Taranta for the English”
A solo exploration on feelings of belonging. 


 Synopsis: ” A spider bit me so hard that I could not stop dancing the love for MY country?!”.

2013- “Una furtiva lacrima”
Screen Dance project in collaboration with Shenandoah and Winchester university students.


Synopsis- “Image, femininity, stereotypes a FEMALE gender exploration”.